Milano Marittima and surroundings

Milano Marittima is not only sea…

Theme parks of Romagna

Romagna has always been synonymous with fun; its trendy discos, exclusive clubs and glamorous boutiques are the major attractions for those interested in spending pleasant holidays here. Over the past few years, a new sector, that of Theme Parks, has undergone considerable growth, and now attracts large numbers of tourists looking for total fun…  continues

Culture and Hinterland

Apart from gathering compelling beaches of fine, golden sand, Romagna hosts outstanding cultural sites and historical buildings. The provinces that are part of this territory are Ravenna, Rimini, Forlì-Cesena, Bologna and Pesaro-Urbino…continues


Cervia gives tourists the possibility to spend pleasant holidays here while lying down on the beach or undergoing targeted thermal therapies and treatments.The ancient salt pans are a precious resource for the city, and make its spa establishments unique thanks to the presence of  the so-called “Mother Water”… continues


Romagna’s food and wine tradition dates back to the history of the peasant society, that was once the pillar of civilization. The pillar of the family was the so-called “Azdora”, the woman who spent time in the kitchen and cared about food. This illustrious character is responsible for the invention of plenty of tasty specialities from Romagna…continues


Apart from being an enchanting seaside resort, Cervia gives tourists the possibility to play sport and keep fit.
They will have the possibility to perform plenty of exciting activities at several different locations. The city’s well-groomed beaches attract the lovers of surfing, sailing, water-skiing, beach volley, beach soccer, beach tennis…. continues