Hotel close to the most amazing theme parks of Romagna

The most important theme park is Mirabilandia, the largest funfair in Italy that has offered amazing attractions and fun opportunities since 1992. Situated almost ten kilometres far from Milano Marittima, Mirabilandia is an extraordinary funfair; it gathers both traditional attractions and innovative rides, and also arranges exciting live stunt performances, nice musicals, spectacular 4-D projections and amazing dance sessions.



Italia in Miniatura, that was inaugurated at the end of the 70s, gives visitors the possibility to undertake an exciting virtual journey across Italy in one day only! It gathers more than 250 scale reproductions of the best monuments in Italy,  and give guests the possibility to spend pleasant moments here while learning.

 Italia in Miniatura


Oltremare aqua park in Riccione gives visitors the possibility to learn new things while having fun. Its 110.000-m²-large surface welcomes both adults and children, and gives them the  possibility to admire outstanding reproductions of the typical flora and fauna of the Adriatic Sea. The major attraction of this original marine park is the so-called “Dolphins’ Lagoon”, an outstanding reproduction of a Croatian Bay that provides the ideal habitat for Ulisse, the most famous dolphin in Italy and mascot of the pa

 Oltremare e Imax di Riccione


Riccione is also home to another famous park, Aquafan, the most famous aqua park in Europe. Distributed over a total surface of 100.000 square metres, it gathers exciting water chutes and swimming pools. Aquafan differs from any other aqua park in Italy for its incredible entertainment activities: It arranges spectacular choreographies accompanied by the music played by the skilled staff members of the popular Radio Deejay.



Le Navi Park” in Cattolica, that is the largest aquarium of the Adriatic Coast, gives visitors the possibility to undertake an outstanding virtual journey across the sounds, colours and scents of the underwater world. Its theme itineraries give visitors the possibility to discover the mysteries of this fascinating world while admiring sharks, penguins, skates, turtles, jellies, reptiles, insects and plenty of further curious animals. Cattolica’s Aquarium gives visitors the possibility to enjoy a unique experience: They will have the possibility to dive into a tank gathering 700.000 litres of seawater and swim together with sharks.

 Le Navi Park


The lively territory surrounding Milano Marittima gives tourists the possibility to spend pleasant moments based on total fun. The area that surrounds Cervia’s Spas, for example, gives guests the possibility toexperience a closer touch with nature.

Casa delle Farfalle” (Butterfly House) is the ideal theme park for both adults and children who are interested in observing the metamorphosis and flight of hundreds of colourful butterflies from all over the world while admiring lush plants and enchanting exotic flowers.

  La casa delle Farfalle


The most daring visitors won’t miss the possibility to visit “CerviAvvventura”, an enchanting adventure park that is set amidst the ancient trees of Cervia’s pinewood forest! The park gathers several different paths that are subdivided according to difficulty level and visitors’ age. CerviAvventura is the ideal place for those interested in having fun while enjoying intense feelings.