Apart from being an enchanting seaside resort, Cervia gives tourists the possibility to play sport and keep fit.

They will have the possibility to perform plenty of exciting activities at several different locations.

The city’s well-groomed beaches attract the lovers of surfing, sailing, water-skiing, beach volley, beach soccer, beach tennis and many more; beach sports can be also performed inside the modern Beach Stadium, a targeted sports centre that was built on the beach on the occasion of  “Riviera Beach Games”, the famous festival dedicated to beach sports that is held here every summer.

Cervia’s “Amici della Vela” Nautical Club attracts the lovers of sailing and boat racing: Apart from arranging exciting competitions and events, it also organizes targeted courses for both adults and children who are interested in learning this new sport.

Milano Marittima’s Canoeing and Kayaking Club gives the lovers of water sports the possibility to take part in exciting excursions across the ancient waterways that were once used in salt transport.

Equipped beach


Milano Marittima gives tourists the possibility to walk or cycle across the pinewood forest or along the beach, as well as to arrange exciting horse-back riding tours ! The city is scattered with plenty of well-equipped riding grounds, that give tourists the possibility to take part in plenty of wonderful excursions. The most popular one is Maneggio Valentini.

The city is also home to prestigious sports clubs, such as Adriatic Golf Club, “Le Siepi” Racetrack and the local Tennis Club; they often arrange important competitions that attract skilled professionals from all over Italy and abroad.